Explore West St. Paul - FAQs

Where can fireworks be viewed from?
Fireworks will be launching from the Soccer Fields at the West St. Paul Sports Complex (1650 Oakdale Ave.). A perimeter marked with caution tape and barricades will be set up around the launch site for safety. Viewable distance will be dependent on actual cloud coverage, but the best area will be on-site, on the assigned baseball fields and in parking lot spaces.

If the weather is inclement where can I find the status of the events? The official City of West St. Paul Facebook page will keep you updated.

Where can I find parking? Parking for the City Open House is available at 1616 Humboldt Ave (City Hall), 33 Wentworth Ave.(Wentworth Center), 1655 Livingston Ave. (Regional Athletic Complex – Dome), and Marthaler Park off of Wentworth Ave. Parking for the concerts, fireworks, food trucks, and all of the additional fun at the Sports Complex is available at 1650 Oakdale Ave (Off of Oakdale Ave. and Wentworth Ave.), 1635 Oakdale(Beissel Window & Siding front lot), 1641 Oakdale Ave (Crawford Doors), and1689 Oakdale Ave. (Laser 1 Technologies and Crete-Sleeve).
Sports Complex Event Parking

Open House Event Parking

What does it cost to attend the events?
Events are free to attend. Food trucks, the beer garden, and purchasing of items from art vendors are pay on your own. Most vendors do accept credit cards.

I have event feedback and/or ideas, who can I contact? Emailsmurphy@wspmn.gov