Parade Registration Application

Parade Date: Friday, August 12
Lineup: 4:30 pm
Parade Start: 6:00 pm

Submit your parade unit application before July 1 to save. All applications are due by July 21.

Application is now closed for 2022 Explore West St. Paul Days.

Fee Calculator

Participant Category* Early registration From 7/1 Fees applied
$200 $250
Free Free
$50 $75
$10 $15


Unit details

Participant information

Please provide full name. Must be present at check-in.

Cell phone number preferred if available.

Parade rules and regulations

  • Participation and unit placement are based on the needs of the parade, space, existing parade presence, safety, sound, and relevancy of the unit to the community. We cannot ensure the acceptance of all registrations. If registration is declined, all paid fees will be returned.
  • Acceptance of registration materials received after 7/14 is at the discretion of the Explore West St. Paul Days Committee.
  • Parade starts at 6:00pm with line-up beginning 1.5 hours prior.
  • Parade units are not allowed to throw candy or items from floats or vehicles. Everything distributed must be done on ground level. Distribution requires a description of product and/or materials and paid fee at time of application submittal – see fees above.
  • All currently elected officials and those running for office that wish to campaign (signage, literatures, etc.) in the parade must pay the fees associated with the Political Organization Participant Category.
  • Parade unit must be appropriate for all ages. Including, but not limited to, music, dancing, literature, etc.
  • Units with sound must maintain a set decibel level as to not interfere with other units.
  • Parade will occur rain or shine. In the event of severe weather resulting in cancellation, the primary contact for each unit will be notified by 4:00pm on parade day.
  • Failure to keep up with the pace of the parade can result in removal. A good guideline is 3 seconds of distance from the unit immediately in front of yours.
  • Participants riding a bicycle or other wheeled apparatus must wear a helmet.
  • Parade unit participants are encouraged to carpool or be dropped off. Designated parking is not provided. The only vehicles allowed in the staging area will be those that were specified at registration.
  • Participants must immediately clean-up after any animals, which are part of their unit.
  • Youth must be adequately supervised. If youth participating are under four years of age we ask that they are pulled in a wagon.
  • Parade unit applications are subject to denial if appropriate information and fees are not submitted in entirety.
  • Refunds will not be issued in the event of parade cancellation.

Legal waiver

I/We, the undersigned, agree that The City of West St. Paul and event sponsors cannot be held responsible for damages or injuries resulting from participation in the 2022 Explore West St. Paul Days Parade. I/We, the undersigned, assume such risks for all liability purposes of all our unit participants. If I/we agree to operate a vehicle in connection with the Explore West St. Paul Days Parade, I/we ensure that the driver is a valid licensed driver and possess valid automobile insurance as required by Minnesota State Law.

I/We accept responsibility of communicating the above information to all those participating in Explore West St. PaulDays Parade.

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Need direct assistance? Contact Sam Murphy at or call (651) 552-4154 during business hours.
Please note: Submission of application does not guarantee acceptance. Accepted units will be emailed. Units that are not accepted will be refunded.
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